Why be part of the Book, & Bonuses

Why be part of this book?

– co-authoring the book with multiple authors

– excess of training to help you write, audio coaching to help you draft chapter

– professional editing/coaching for revisions;

– professional editing and/or re-writes

– book as whole edited for cohesiveness

– marketing plan & strategy, and implemented

– direct marketing to multiple networks of co-authors

– email marketing campaign to launch the book to everyone’s network

– expanding your network with other credible authors

– launch date

– professionally edited and compiled book

– social media and email marketing training to help you promote you are an author

What does being part of a book do for you?

–  build your brand

–  increase lead generation

–  income producing tool

–  mass promotion

–  set you up as the ‘expert’

–  gain prestige and credibility

–  add-on benefit

–  more speaking engagements

–  cost effective

–  time conserving

–  pool marketing resources

–  impressive business card

–  collective circle of influence that reaches into the 10s of 1000s

–  add letters to the end of your name A.U.T.H.O.R.

–   get connected with key influencers

–  be in a high calibre book

-Extend your marketing reach

-Educate your prospects and clients

-Have an ongoing marketing tool

-Benefit from mass promotion with multiple authors in the book

-Gain massive support for your events

-Stand out from your competition

– Build up to your own complete book

-Demonstrate your expertise in high quality print (paperback vs ebook)

-Have a back of the room product at your events

-Have an add-on benefit at your speaking engagements

-Receive additional benefits from group marketing

-Become part of niche marketing with your co-authored book as a tool

– Gain exposure to each other’s customers

– Become a bestselling author at a fraction of the time and cost if would take to do on your own

– Get connected with key influencers – reap the benefits!!

– Deliver more value to your customers and connections

– Join the ranks of established business women who are willing

to say YES and share their empowered stories

– Gain access to, and be associated with, a high net worth community


Receive a copy of Empowering Women to Succeed Volumes I & II downloads

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Kathy Barthel, Editor 365 Empowering Stories

“Your book only gets one chance to make a bad first impression; that’s why you need an editor. At Take on the World, I provide copyediting, stylistic/line editing, and structural/substantive editing, for individuals and business professionals. If you’d rather not write your book yourself, I can ghostwrite it. I have over 20 years of experience as an editor, journalist, and writer, creating content for major Canadian media brands including CTV, MSN, Rogers, and YTV. I have also interviewed everyone from international designers to British royalty—and quite a few entrepreneurs!