What is involved in the Process, & FAQs

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◊  you have decided you wish to be part of the book

◊  read through the agreement, fill in all the info at the bottom accepting to be in the book

◊  finalize payment of your chapter

◊  whitelist our email address

◊  check your inbox, folder or junk folders for a welcome email which includes some information that we need from you

◊  send in your image for the website and book

◊  send in your marketing questionaire

◊  you will have 30 days to submit your first draft

◊  the editor will look over your draft and contact you if there are to be any changes

◊  the editor will work on your draft and copy edit

◊  you will be sent your final chapter for approval

◊  you will receive a form to fill out approving your chapter

◊  we will launch in mid-late 2018 (date to be determined)

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How long is my chapter? Your chapter is 250 – 350 words in total.  You will not be able to submit your chapter if it’s over 350 words.

What can I write about? Feel free to write something inspirational, motivational, empowering, nurturing, caring etc.  It can even be a poem.  Remember it must be original and authentic and not false information.  Your story (if you are telling one) must be a true and factual story.  There will be no defamation to anyone’s character.

Are there any hidden costs?  No hidden costs, everything is laid out on the checkout.  If you decide not to take an upgrade and change your mind later, you can always do that.

What if you don’t publish the book?  We will absolutely publish the book.  We have already published 2 books in another series, and onto the 3rd of that series.  This will be the first volume of the new project 365 Empowering Stories.  We love what we are creating with these projects and the communities!

When will the book get published?  We are looking at the spring of 2018 or early fall of 2018, depending when we complete the onboarding of 365 chapters.

Are we allowed to purchase & write more than one chapter?  Absolutely.  You have to purchase each chapter separately and write them separately.

What do we get if we purchase the Business Builder Campaign?  It not only includes the chapter cost, but we will also create a dedicated landing page just for you with a unique affiliate link to track your registrations.  You will get to collect that email list as well as we will put a note on the landing page letting people know that you will be getting their information as well.  You will create a 60 – 90 second video telling people a little bit about you and what you will be sharing in the book and can use this page as a marketing tool.  You will be offering an excerpt of the book for free once it is released.

What if I don’t submit by the final due date in time to publish the book? Your chapter will not be included in the book and there is no refund at that point.

How would I be represented in the book? Your information will be included in the book, a short bio, your website and a small image of you.  You would write your chapter and send us what you would like in there to show people who you are as an individual or a business person.

How would marketing be done? We market the book as a whole, to our own lists and social media followings.  All authors should be doing this. Some authors opt in for the business builder campaign where they get a landing page, with a short video from them, that promotes people knowing about that author becoming an author and they get to build a list there as well and give away their chapter when the book comes out, or an excerpt of the book.

When is the deadline to apply?  We ask people to come in asap so we can publish the book sooner than later.

What is the cost for the book after its launched?  The retail cost will either be $20 or $29.99, authors cost will be listed in the information they receive after completing payment for a chapter.

How would I look on the cover if I choose to take the unique cover option?  Your picture and bio would be on the back outside cover, as per the image below.

Have a question that is not posted?  Please submit a request on the contact form and we will answer your question and post it for others!

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