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About the Book

365 Empowering Stories was birthed from the series Empowering Women to Succeed. It was designed so you, could achieve your goal of becoming a published author – in the quickest, and most cost effective way.

This compilation brings together 365 stories from incredible men and women who wish to make a dent in the good of this world – by sharing their stories, poems and experiences, 365 Empowering Stories is an easy read that will change lives globally.

Each author will receive their own page in the book which includes a small biography with their image. This page will also include contact information should the reader wish to get in touch.

Why an Anthology

There are some great benefits to being part of a compilation for new, and seasoned published authors. There’s something about collaborative efforts that bring a project to life.

Your story will be shared with hundreds of thousands of people from every authors audience and marketing efforts instead of just your own audience. That’s powerful.

You will make incredible connections all over the world that will benefit you personally and professionally.

The costs to take part in an anthology are kept low and at an efficient level.

Being part of an anthology saves time by being part of a system that is set up already for you to share your story – write it, edit the story, bring the book together, typesetting, publishing and printing.   This will save you on research time to figure out the best way to bring the entire book experience together, it is all done for you!

– Co-authoring a book with multiple authors

– Abundance of training to help you write

– Professional editing/coaching for revisions;

– Professional editing and/or re-writes

– Entire book edited for cohesiveness

– Implemented marketing plan & strategy

– Direct marketing to networks of co-authors

– Email marketing campaign launching the book

– Expand your network with other credible authors

– Launch date and party

– Social media and email marketing training to help you promote that you are a published author

Benefit of being an Author

– Build your brand

– Extend your marketing reach

– Increase lead generation

– Educate your prospects and clients

– Income producing tool

– Have an ongoing marketing tool

– Benefit from mass promotion with multiple authors in the book

– Gain massive support for your events

– Stand out from your competition

– Build up to your own complete book

– Sets you up as an ‘expert’ or ‘go to’ person

– Gain prestige and credibility as a published author

– Demonstrate your expertise in high quality print (paperback vs eBook)

– Have a back of the room product at your events

– Have an add-on benefit at your speaking engagements

– Receive additional benefits from group marketing

– Have a cost effective, time efficient path rather than doing alone

– Become part of niche marketing with your co-authored book as a tool

Who should contribute?

You should contribute!

Everyone has a story, a poem, or something inspirational to say.  That is what this book is about and YOU have that in you to share!

If you ever thought of publishing your writing, stories or poems, this is the time for you!

What results can I expect?

– Gain exposure to each other’s customers

– Pool your marketing resources – benefit from each other’s content creation strengths

– Have an impressive business card to give others

– Join a collective circle of influence that reaches into the tens, hundreds and even thousands of contacts

– Become a bestselling author at a fraction of the time and cost if would take to do on your own

– Position yourself as the expert in your field

– Add letters to the end of your name, “A.U.T.H.O.R.”

– Be in a high caliber book with professional revisions

– Get connected with key influencers – reap the benefits!

– Be in a book with a founder of the Toronto Women’s Expo

– Deliver more value to your customers and connections

– Join the ranks of established business women and men who are willing to say YES and share their empowered story

– Gain access to, and be associated with, a high net worth community

What are the steps involved?

1. Make a decision today to be an author

2. Click the link to apply and reserve your spot

3. Make the payment for your chapter

4. Sign the agreement online (print a copy for yourself)

5. You will receive a thank you letter with instructions and marketing questions

6. Send us a short biography (50 words max.)

7. Send us your professional head shot (300px x 300px)

8. Send a bonus downloadable giveaway for the launch (if you have one)

9. Begin writing your chapter, 250 – 350 words maximum.  You can write in any style, we will edit based on what you send in (Chicago, AP, CP styles etc.).  Your story should be at least one of the following; inspirational, motivational, uplifting, showing obstacle to success, empowering, or it can be a poem.

10. Your first draft will be due within 30 days

11. The draft will be submitted to the editor and will advise if any changes, edits, etc. should be done

12. You will make those changes if needed and send your draft back in

13. The editor will then get to work and have it publish ready!  The entire process should take 60 – 90 days.

14. All the chapters will be compiled into an incredible book that will be published in mid 2017

15. You will have final approval on your chapter prior to being published

16. We will all work together to market the book for the online launch

17. We will do an online Book Launch celebration by Telesummit

18. We will do a live launch, everyone is welcome to attend!


Short stories, poems and thoughts...

  • A life event that overcame a challenge
  • Something inspirational that happened in your life
  • A challenge that you overcame in your business
  • Getting through a traumatic situation
  • Finding the help you needed to get through a dilemma
  • How you inspired someone or how they inspired you to take action
  • An act of self-awareness
  • A positive and uplifting poem
  • A lesson learned that helped you move in a positive direction
  • Offer a new perspective on a situation or event
  • Empowerment examples in the workplace
  • How to use stories to impact others
  • Removing road blocks in your life
  • Changing your mindset and achieving success
  • There is always a light at the end of the tunnel


“Thank you again Jenny for everything, you and Randi cannot even imagine the impact of this opportunity that you’ve presented into my life, despite the stormy conditions I worked under, I feel it is about to propel me into a future of many more dreams coming true. So I thank the both of you, my fairy godmothers for making this wish come true. With great love and gratitude  Simona Sher“
Simona Sher-Amir
I am  privileged to be one of the authors that worked with Randi Goodman and Jenny McKaig while creating the book Empowering Women to Succeed. Tough Times Don’t Last but Tough Women Do. I was initially intrigued by the book because they chose 15 authors with a gamut of life experience to tell their tales of empowerment which in turn will inspire others to overcome and rise above their own challenges. All the stories are different and will touch your soul! On a personal note, as an unexpected result of being a part of this book and surrounding myself with the incredible diverse company of individuals,  it has increased my professional visibility which impacts further personal and business opportunities!  I am certainly fortunate and honoured to be a part of this project. Thank you to Randi and Jenny for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful book and movement of empowerment!  Claudia Harvey, Business Owner, Speaker, Author
Claudia Harvey
‘Always been a dream of mine to be published.  Jenny and Randi made it seemless, exciting and joyous.  Absolutely amazing to work with these ladies.’  Tiffany Loya Fenton
Tiffany Loya Fenton
 I cannot rave enough about my recent experience in the creation of my chapter in the book, “Empowering Women To Succeed.”  I believe that the title if the book says so much about the journey on which I embarked and  the road on which I traveled. I was challenged, prodded and motivated by Randi Goodman and Jenny McKaig, and many times, I wanted to give up on myself. They were always there to lift me back up. I grew in so many ways, and thanks to these ladies, as well as by surrounding myself with the stories of my fellow authors, I am proud to say that I AM a writer. I look forward to more collaborations and to reading the contributions of others in the future. Charlene Mandelbaum
Charlene Mandelbaum